Project Description

Web Listings Pro is an online application that helps real estate agents create websites for their listings.  Web Listings Pro is an easy to use platform that take just a few minutes to use and create beautiful websites for properties.

I created Web Listings Pro originally for a friend to help her with her single property websites.  After many request to replicate the service I revamped the platform to be available to the masses.  The opportunity also gave me a way to try out some new technologies I wanted to work with such as Mix PanelDNSimple and interface design using backbone.js.  The result is what you see today.  I have helped many real estate agents create property websites in just a few minutes without doing any coding.  I found that the web is really important for the real estate world, and those that are in that world are typically the non-technical types.  I hope that my application makes their job much easier while making them look very professional(something you see agents fail to do on many occasions).

Web Listings Pro is an Ruby on Rails application this is hosted in the cloud.  The application uses 3rd party apis from Amazon Web Services, Mix Panel, DNSimple and a few others.  Public templates are available to use as well as custom ones for your firm (just ask).

Technologies used:

  • Ruby
  • Google maps api
  • Mix Panel (server api and javascript api)
  • image manipulation with jcrop
  • image processing via DragonFly
  • Backbone.js
  • Stripe for payment processing
  • High Charts for reports
  • Delayed Job more background jobs
  • Hirefire for scaling and worker launching(amazing btw)
  • Rspec
  • PostgreSQL
  • DNSimple
  • wicked pdf
  • HAML/SCSS for all my templates and css