Project Description

Rippl is an online platform for tracking daily personal statistics and events.  It’s a little like Twitter, but the audience is only you and maybe some very close friends.  Use it to track weight, health, depression, goals, or just a simple diary of what you did on a given day.  With simple graphs and a quick search feature you can view progress over time or recall what you did one day.

I originally built rippl as a simple daily diary application because 1) I wanted to stay focused and track progress on my projects and 2) so that I could recall what I was doing on a particular day any time in history.  The biggest problem with using and App, or using something like Evernote is that I would quickly forget to log an entry and then they would back up and pretty soon a week past and I didn’t log anything and didn’t want to spend the time to recall a weeks worth of events.  To address the issue with Rippl, I integrated Twilio (which is awesome btw) to send reminders via sms.  Then all I had to do was reply to the sms message and it would log the entry for me.  Later on I could update the data, such as location information, but the just of it was there.  Additionally, the use of hash tags allows me to still track stats via sms (ex.  my weight today was #wt 185).

Version 2.0 of Rippl is going to include the ability to view the top news headlines for each day you log an entry.  This way you can look back at say “last year” (which you can type thanks to the use of date.js) and not only see what you were doing, but what was going on in the world that day.

Rippl uses the following technologies:

  • Ruby(obviously)
  • Integration with Foursqaure for location tracking and marking
  • PostgreSQL (with Texticle)
  • Facebook sign on
  • Backbone.js for some of the interactive stuff
  • Google Maps and API use
  • Fully hosted on Heroku
  • AWS direct upload, background processing via delayed job
  • Twilio for sms and incoming phone call processing
  • Highcharts for graphing
  • rspec/capybara for testing, etc.

Check it out and let me know what you think!