Creating a Two-Legged OAuth API in Rails 3

I searched for a long time trying to find info on how to secure an API with OAuth. All I really found were ways to do it using the 3-leg approach. There are good tutorials out there on how […]

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Capistrano Notes – Getting up and running

First we will use the default setup, just to get it going, and then we will look at capistrano-ext, on specifying an environment.

Simply Steps

  1. gem install capistrano
  2. in app directory “capify .”
  3. set up a new svn project if you haven’t done […]
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Using Monit, Node.js and Juggernaut 2, as a daemon

For some reason my instance of Juggernaut 2, keeps crashing.  I have not figured out why, it just crashes and from what I can tell it doesn’t log why.  Though I haven’t found where it logs to yet either. […]

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Using Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) with a Rails 3 App

These are the instruction to use SES instead of smtp in a Rails App:

  1. Add Drewblas SES -> gem “aws-ses”, :require => ‘aws/ses’
  2. create a new initializer in config/initializers/aws_ses.rb
  3. create environment or application wide variable for secret and access keys ~.config.amazon_access_key […]
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Creating Debian VM on Parallels, w/ Rails,PHP, RVM, and NGINX

There are the steps and notes for a new VM used for development. Here is an article about hypervisor (XEN) here This is how many host are set up. Good links to preconfigured server providers.

  1. Created new […]
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Rails 3 Upgrade Notes


  1. Check on plug-in compatibility –
  2. Great Notes on the upgrade, bundle, boot, haml, config, cross site scripting, etc.
  3. Plug-in handling, conversion to gem –
  4. Error Validation Messages, –
  5. More notes, a lot about xss –
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Websites, Books, and Other stuff that might be useful

I keep some of the notes and sites and books in Evernote, so check there if it is not here.

Mike Clark’s “Advanced Rails Recipes” –

– has information on advanced topics like deployment, and sphinx.

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Subversion and RubyMine

To merge changes into the trunk.

  1. Commit changes if working on a branch
  2. Update Project and choose trunk to get a a working copy of the trunk
  3. Goto the Changes toolbox (bottom), or Window->Tool Windows->Changes
  4. In the changes window, click the tab Subversion […]
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Setting Up Mac with RVM – Notes

These are the steps and notes for setting up Ruby version manager on my machine (Mac 10.6.6)

  1. bash < <( curl )
  2. next I opened my ~/.profile file with gedit and put this line at the end and saved
    1. [[ -s […]
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