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Feb 18,2010 – Notes and TODO

  1. Upgraded VPS server to ruby 1.8.7-p330 using info found here-http://www.dougjaworski.com/blog/installing-ruby-on-rails-ubuntu-linux/
  2. Got capistrano setting working, got subversion setup for rails3 test app
  3. figured out how to restart apache2, init.d/httpd2 restart
  4. Read about deploying Rails in production – good article on different options […]
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Thursday 1/12/2011

Back pain – 2 – barely noticed, arm still feels weird almost like i hit my funny bone.

Did some research on HTPCs today.  Basically for a little more I can build a better Hackintosh.  Total cost after a $20 […]

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Blog Up and Running

We are up and running-

looking at some good themes, studiopress has a good framework.  www.studiopress.com

Theme Foundry also has a few – http://thethemefoundry.com/wordpress/

Summary: Learned a lot about word press sites.  Signed up for affiliate program at shareasale.com

Activities – Researched T- […]

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