A few weeks ago I finally released version 2.0 of my single property real estate website software. The new version includes several new features and fixes.  It took a couple of months to complete all the changes, but they are finally done and the new version is now live.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Analytics – Mix Panel analytics allows you to view the number of visitors to each listing.
  2. Registration of Domains – You can not enter your own registration information when registering a site using the application.
  3. Guestbooks – Real Estate Agents can now use online guestbooks to keep track of viewers at an open house.
  4. Feedback System – Using the guestbook list or other email, agents can send other agents or viewers of properties a questionnaire about the property to gain insite on the market.
  5. Public Templates – We now have some templates available to everyone, more are being added as well.
  6. Template Editor – Our javascript editor allows users to modify the styling of our public templates or even custom templates as needed.
  7. Faster Uploading – our photo manager is now much faster thanks to some tweaks with  Amazon Web Services and background processing.
  8. Auto scaling – The application is not continuously monitored for performance issues and can scale resources as needed.

These are just a few, there are really a lot more features compared to the first version.

http://www.weblistingspro.com is an application that is built using Ruby and hosted on Heroku.  It uses several 3rd party APIs including AWS, DNSimple, and MixPanel.  The application allows Real Estate agents to build single property websites for their listings.

Please go check it out and let me know what you think of the application.

Web Listings Pro