First we will use the default setup, just to get it going, and then we will look at capistrano-ext, on specifying an environment.

Simply Steps

  1. gem install capistrano
  2. in app directory “capify .”
  3. set up a new svn project if you haven’t done so already
    1. I did this in the dream host panel
    2. Also change the public root on the domain to “current/public”
  4. Open the deploy.rb file and fill out the variables
  5. Set the web, app and db servers, ex “”
  6. set user and the deploy_to – “/home/username/sitename/
  7. run “cap deploy:setup” this sets up the directory structures
  8. cap deploy:update
  9. run bundle install in server to get all the necessary gems
  10. see notes for configuring shared folders
  11. rake RAILS_ENV=production db:schema:load  – on server not local
  12. need to see how the db:migrate command work

Multi-Stage Setup

  1. Instructions found here
  2. gem install capistrano-ext
  3. set :default_stage, “development”
    set :stages, %w(production development)
    require ‘capistrano/ext/multistage’
  4. create a folder within your config folder called deploy