1. Upgraded VPS server to ruby 1.8.7-p330 using info found here-http://www.dougjaworski.com/blog/installing-ruby-on-rails-ubuntu-linux/
  2. Got capistrano setting working, got subversion setup for rails3 test app
  3. figured out how to restart apache2, init.d/httpd2 restart
  4. Read about deploying Rails in production – good article on different options here – http://www.slideshare.net/jweiss/deploying-and-monitoring-rails-presentation
  5. installed new relic in dev to test it out.  it is $$ though, but very neet.  https://scoutapp.com/ is another option out there.


  1. need to figure out why test app in production not working, might be ruby version, also need to install gems in the system gems
  2. bundle also not working in production nor is “rail -v”
  3. need to upgrade apps to work with ruby 1.9.2