Back pain – 2 – barely noticed, arm still feels weird almost like i hit my funny bone.

Did some research on HTPCs today.  Basically for a little more I can build a better Hackintosh.  Total cost after a $20 coupon from Newegg is $275, includes ASRock A330ION,In Win Case, Kingston Memory, 2.5″ hard disk (could save $54 and use my old one from my MacBook), 8GB flash drive (for loading software b/c new CDROM).  I could run Ubuntu or XBMCLive.  System should be able to handle 1080P movies, and has HDMI output.

Yesterday I did hackintosh research and currently it would cost ~$450.  Core i3, GT 240, 1TB, 4GB, itx board Gigabit, itx case and PS.  Hopefully I can get an OpenBox board and use it.